Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July!

But first, a quick note about Father's Day. I took Dad and Grandpa to an Ems game for their presents. We had great seats -- front row, first-base line, right on top of the dugout. We lost 1-0, but the 3 of us had a great time together. It makes me feel so old to look at the players and realize most of them are younger than me now!
And now on to my tied-for-1st-place favorite holiday, Independence Day! Creswell absolutely does a fabulous job from morning 'til night, although the hordes of people from out of town are beginning to make less enjoyable. Honestly people, Creswell for Creswellians! :-)

Elsa and Mallory and Olivia had great fun running after candy and watching the floats. E's getting much more aggressive as she gets older. Hopefully she'll take out that aggression on a volleyball someday.

Jack insisted on having his picture taken with everyone. He's quite the camera lover, just like....hmm, which parent do you think?

He looked so dang cute! Also just like the not-aforementioned parent.

Owen looks thrilled to be holding a baby, don't you think?

My little model. He learned all of this from Nick, I promise. Well, at least that's where he gets his luscious lashes from.

But I guess the parade and games in the park were a little much for him.

And now the shindig! 102 people attended this year, including Shelbea and Dustin.

Jack even came prepared with a 4th of July bib.

Last, we had a softball game in the field. My team lost unfortunately 7-4. Here's Jaimie and Chris Leslie. I'm not sure what Jaimie's doing, but she's doing it well.

Jonathan graced us with his now-half-European presence and mane of looong hair and joined in the fun.

The softball game was super fun. We even had a guy there from the Netherlands playing! How American. I'm so grateful that we live in a country where get to live this kind of life -- one where we can celebrate and worship and play baseball and laugh and vote and love whomever we want.

God bless America!