Monday, August 11, 2008

My heaven

One of the most important places in my little world is Clear Lake. Probably all 2 of you reading this have been there, so you know what it's like, but I cannot overemphasize my love for this place. It's what I visualized during labor per my Lamaze teacher's instructions. It's the place where I learned I was going to be an aunt. Where I got my first New Year's kiss. Where I drove off a cliff with a 3-wheeler when I was 12. Clear Lake was one of the reasons I knew I was falling in love with Nickolas -- I wanted to share it with him more than anything when we were 17. It is so special to me.
And this time was different, but wonderful all the same. We went running with the kids (no bears, thank God, though I did see one from the window)....

Loved Elsa's outfit and hair! She turns 5 this Sunday.
We went to the ocean one very windy, cold day. You'd think we'd show up prepared. Think again. Kudos to my grandpa for using some common sense and bringing a coat. Hence the child in his uncle's coat.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. I now know where Jack gets his cheesy grin. Hey, he got his unusual chin from Uncle Jonny too.

Keep me warm, daddy.
The cousins in camo. Mom, Jill and I got them some matching outfits for the fall in Lincoln City! Cannot wait for those pictures!
Thanks to the not-so-great weather, we spent a day at the acquarium in Newport. Aren't these jellyfishes (is that a word?) amazing?

How you doing? (said in a Joey Tribiani accent)

An attack is imminent.

Being Jacques Cousteau's assistant was Shane's 2nd career choice.

And Jack's 1st!

Jack's 1st adventure in a lifejacket. He didn't like it, but he loves cameras....

John, Thora, Grace and Joy came to visit with Grandpa.

I got these tattoos for Elsa at a garage sale. I asked her to show me her tough side, and this is what I got. Priceless.
I found these adorable camo overalls in a consignment shop on the way home from the acquarium!
As always, we had visitors. Luke, his new girlfriend Lindsay and Joey came up for an evening. This is Luke's crazy face.
Jill, Mom and I had such fun garage-saling (with no kids!) 2 weekends in a row. I found Jack this swimsuit for next summer. They're so ugly, yet Jack still pulls the look off.

We didn't have typical August (read: swimmable) weather, but finally on the last day (what else), the sun shone through and the thermometer hit 70. I think Dustin looks like Gilligan.

If you look really hard, you can see Jaimie's goosebumps. Jeanea never gets them when in water.
Shane has invented "Crazy Hair Christmas." Jack is practicing.