Saturday, March 20, 2010

In the last 3 days, I have....

Attended Beethoven's Fireworks Symphon at the Hult Center with Nick, Jonathan and Hannah. Not one mention of Elmo or Veggie Tales for 4 hours, and I got to wear a slinky black dress. Score a million big points for Nick.

Painted my front door red. I adore red doors, and "Red Flambe" fits me well.

Given a juice box (orange tangerine, if you must know) to a bum on Lancaster. He called me "young lady." I also received my first birthday card with a joke about my age and how I wasn't a "young lady" anymore. Minus a million big points for Nick.

Played one of the funniest board games in the world with the people I love best. If you haven't played it, get it -- your abs will look better in your swimsuit for it!

Eaten the best chocolate peanut butter cheesecake at Konditerie while laughing my calories off with my newest friends. The time away filled up my girl tank with lots of cracking up at our husbands' expenses. I can say this because none of them read this blog. :-)

I think a pretty good way to turn one year older, eh? Tell me your best perceived way to spend a birthday!