Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boys in Spring

Today we took advantage of the gor-geous spring weather and went to a park we just found out about. Thank you, world, for not telling us about this place when we lived much closer to it. But thankfully, we now know this park's wonders and basked in them this afternoon.

Jack could throw rocks (or tiny rock molecules) into the water for hours. Once, he found an old tuna can in our backyard with a few tablespoons of rain water in it. I kid you not, the kid spent 20 minutes throwing little gravel pieces into it.
My heart swells to bursting when I see the two loves of my life interacting together. As Jack grows, he certainly identifies with his daddy more, and nothing could make me happier!

Isn't he cute in his little gangster/preppy shorts? As a frugal mother, I always buy things one size ahead so he can wear them longer. Jack is moving up into 3t.....but apparently not quite yet.

Klaus was loving this adventure too, as there was an off-leash dog park. Though I was quite suspicious of the tall clumps of grass everywhere.

This one is my favorite from the day. Look at his sunkissed-cheeks, his dirty face, his mischievous expression, his precious pink tongue, his naturally-highlighted locks falling in gorgeous chocolate-browns. Okay, so maybe I'm biased, but I truly don't think my son could get any more beautiful! I am totally besotted with every aspect of him!

Lick life.