Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am a Real Running Mom Now!

Over the years, Jack has spent a LOT of time in various strollers:
The bike trailer/running stroller combo

                                                The gigantic works-with-carseat stroller:

The stroller Grandma Candi pulls out in foreign countries:

Here's another shot of the jogging stroller -- we have so many!

The umbrella stroller:

Grandma Candi's jogging stroller:

So suffice it to say Jack's chubby lil' rear is quite familiar with nearly every kind of stroller there is. Jude's chubby lil' rear (because after all, would my body ever create another kind of rear?) will soon join in.

But now....there is a new stroller in town. And I am pretty excited about its arrival.

You all know I'm a runner. And because I'm the primary caretaker of 2 children who also is required to stay thin (by me, not Nick!), I run with said children. Oh, and Klaus, because I'm also responsible for keeping him in shape. These facts necessesitate a running stroller.

Behold...THE BOB.

And not just any Bob. Not Saget, Hope, Barker, Newhart or the Builder. It's an Ironman DOUBLE BOB!!!
My brother and sister-in-law forked over some significant dough a few years ago for their double Bob and have never regretted it. I've ran with it many times, both Joshy and Elsa in tow, and always been amazed at its incredible maneuverability. It flies along as if it (and the children) weigh nothing.

I knew I had to have another child just so I, too, could have a double Bob.

One problem: Bobs cost about as much as a new laptop. Enter my amazing ability to find a good deal. And Craigslist.

This past week, those 2 institutions collided, and I found my Bob. I stuffed the boys inside for my inaugural run on a beautiful sunshiny afternoon, and Klaus provided security.

I am a real running mom now.

I am in love, and his name is Bob. Bob Ironman Kupper, II (because he's a 2-seater!). Or should I call him Billy, because after all, isn't Bob his cousin's name already?