Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Giveaway Time with Healthy Houseful

The longer I live in Oregon, the more I appreciate the lifestyle. I honestly feel that if we hadn't moved here, Jack might have been an only child. I never would have learned about cloth diapers, solar panels, recycling bins that dwarfed their trash cousins, how to make kombucha (or even what the heck it is) and the simple joy of a clothesline.
Healthy Houseful's "Baby Prints" relief for itchy maternity bellies, stretch marks and scars.

Another green, money-saving device Nick and I have picked up: buying local. Within the last few years, we have made personal commitments to shop Oregon- and/or American-made products if at all possible. We try really hard to apply this to everything, including household items, clothes, presents, food, etc. It's not always feasible -- and we definitely don't go crazy over it -- but we love knowing that we're supporting the local economy (always a good thing!), lessening our carbon footprint, finding new/quirky brands and often using healthier products.

Plus, this resolution means I get to garage-sale to my heart's content. Can I get an amen?

So when my friend Genna, a local Monmouth mama who's even crunchier than me (don't worry, she would see that as a compliment), opened up her own line of locally-made, organic and kid-safe health and beauty products, I was stoked for her. And even more excited when she asked me to review some products!

I've been using Healthy Houseful stuff for more than a month now, and I have to say I'm pleased with the results. Genna makes everything by hand, using only local, organic, earth-, people- and pet-friendly ingredients. In other words, she notes dryly, your kid can eat this stuff and be juuuuust fine. As a mom of four ages six and under, I'm sure she's only speaking hypothetically.

Batting leadoff: Baby Prints, a salve for all itchy pregnant tummies. It also helps with stretch marks. Confession time: I am 35 weeks pregnant with Kupcake #3 and have never had an itchy pregnant tummy...or any stretch marks. (Ducks as cyber spitwads get hawked my way). So I can't fully vouch for the efficacy of this product. But I do know that after putting it over my stomach after showers, my skin felt soft and hydrated, and smelled nice to boot. It's easy to apply, not greasy in the least, and at only $4, is a steal!
Healthy Houseful's "Heat for Him" organic lotion
 Next up: Heat for Him organic lotion. Call me old-fashioned, but I love that it came in a jam jar. Additionally:

  • A little bit goes a long ways. I've been using it almost daily for over a month, and I'm only a third of the way through it.
  • It smells delish, like orange, cloves and cinnamon. Even Nick liked it and requested I use it again. (I'm thinking Genna knew what she was doing when she gave this stuff its name...).
  • It's way above and beyond dollar-store lotion. While it doesn't rub in as quickly as The Body Shop's "Body Butter" -- my usual standby -- it does just as good of a job at moisturizing and silkening.
  • Once again, the price. $6 for good lotion? I'm there. 

Healthy Houseful's organic "Owie Ointment" treatment for cuts, scrapes, blisters etc.

And last up: an organic Neosporin called Owie Ointment. This product was far and away my favorite!

As the mother of two boys ages five and two, I think I had this product about 42 minutes before I had a chance to use it. Jack slashed himself on something -- I can't even remember what. So I whipped out this little chapstick tube of organic greatness. To which Jack promptly asked, "Mommy, why are you putting chapstick on my cut?"

The Owie Ointment was super-easy to apply, went on smoothly, smelled good and wasn't greasy. True to its claim, Jack's boo-boo was healed in no time. I've also used it on myself for my own chafe marks (thank you, pregnancy running) and had great results. And it's a mere $3!

And now for the fun part. Three, yes THREE, of my readers will win their choice of either Baby Prints, Heat for Him or Owie Ointment!

To enter: head over to Healthy Houseful's Facebook page and become a fan. (She doesn't post super-often and won't bug ya, I promise). Then, leave a comment HERE ON THIS BLOG telling me which product you are interested in and why. Make sure if I don't already know you personally to leave some sort of contact info!

I'd love to bombard Genna with a bunch of new likers and orders! If you don't feel like waiting to see if you won and would like to purchase something now, visit her page, find the photo of your desired item (HH also makes cramp relief, bath bombs and more) and leave a comment saying how many you want. Or, send an e-mail to healthyhouseful@hotmail.com with your order. If you're in the Salem/Monmouth/Dallas area, Genna delivers and collects your payment (check/cash) then. Otherwise, expect your goodies by mail and invoice by PayPal.

USA residents only, please. Contest runs through Friday, March 1. No purchase necessary to win.