Saturday, January 18, 2014

Take Your Gotta-Have-It Tablet Habit and Use It for Good {Samsung Tablet Raffle}

Didja get everything you wanted for Christmas? Didja?

Nick is pretty good in the present department. He certainly has come a long ways since he once chose Valentine's Day to give me a vacuum cleaner that wasn't a Dyson. So romantic, that one.

Of course, Nick couldn't get me what I wanted this year: to be with my family back home in Oregon. I never fully grasped the importance of physical presence until it was over an ocean away. My heart ached.

Though I've been a military wife for nine years, I realized anew this December just how much a girl needs her parents. It doesn't matter that I've lived away from them for years; that I'm used to their absence; that I'm aware of the fact that real life means we can't always be together. I still miss them and need their guidance.

Which brings me to the Jenks family.

Mark and Rebecca Jenks have six fabulous kids and live on the Oregon/Washington border. Mark is from the UK and occasionally sports a Minion shirt while working at a graphics company over an hour away. Rebecca stays at home raising the chitlins, including two gorgeous littles they brought home just last year from Eastern Europe.

Suffice it to say their hearts for the least of these are huge. They have sacrificed a lot to show the world just how worthwhile their children's lives are.

And they're doing it again.

Mark building block sets to sell while holding son Gavin

Mark and Rebecca are bringing home two more, this time teenage girls from Eastern Europe with Down Syndrome. And just in case you didn't know, life for those with disabilities in that area is pretty horrific. This is not a spur-of-the-moment, Oprah adoption feeling. This is a "If we don't get those girls, their death warrants are sealed," sort of decision.

Since Nick and I, just like the Jenks family, are called to care for orphans (the Bible talks about and mandates it, oh, several hundred times), here's what we're going to do:

Simultaneously help Mark and Rebecca pay their girls' ransom (also known as adoption fees) while giving my readers a chance to win an expensive piece of technology on the cheap.

Hence, we give you...the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. Ta-Da!

It's white, seven inches and has a camera. For my American friends: we got it here, so it has a British plug...but it can be charged like usual to any laptop or computer. It does all the fancy things tablets do these days. And it's worth about $228 (or 139 pounds for my British buddies).

Most importantly: it can save two lives from a (short) lifetime of institution abuse. How? I'm glad you asked.

If you donate just ONE DOLLAR to the Jenks' adoption fund, you will have a chance to win this tablet. For every dollar you donate, you get 10 entries. Once you give, there are other ways to up your tickets; see the handy-dandy Rafflecopter below. 

Most of my blog posts attract anywhere from 200-500 readers. If each of you gave just one measly buck, we could get Mark, Rebecca and family that much closer to their final goal of 23,000. Their FSP (Family Support Program) currently stands at $4,421.12. Could we get them to $4700, perhaps? (I know this family personally and can vouch for their character. I've also been working with Reece's Rainbow for several years now and can gladly sing its praises!)

It doesn't matter that sweet V&E have lived away from Mark & Rebecca for years; that they're used to their far-away parents' absence and pretty awful treatment; that the girls are aware of the fact that real life means they don't get the normal benefits of a family. They still miss what they've never had and need guidance.

The raffle ends on Saturday, February 1 -- the same month that the Jenks plan to travel to Eastern Europe for Veronika and Emelijia. In other words, let's get a move on!
The winner will be drawn at random and notified by e-mail and/or Facebook, if applicable.

Go here to donate to Veronika & Emelijia's ransom fund and fill out the form below to have a chance to win the tablet. And good luck!

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