Thursday, August 20, 2009

To Be Like My Daddy

Now that Jack is a big 21 months old, he has hit the "I copy absolutely EVRYTHING that anyone over the age of 5 does" stage.

He really couldn't care less about age-appropriate toys. I'm always begging him to play with his amazingly cool toys, but he always says, "No. With you!" As a result, he washes my car with me, cooks with me, cleans with me, gets dressed with me, showers with me (you can save that comment to embarrass him in another 13 years or so) and shaves with me. Don't worry, I give him a razor with no blade, a la the #4 in "Multiplicity."

Yet he loves to copy his daddy the most, hence the 2 DVDs stuck in the computer yesterday afternoon.

This morning, I was cleaning the bedroom when I heard a slight buzzing commotion. The above picture is what I saw. Yes, he fit his entire little body in Nick's sink and began shaving with Nick's electric shaver. He even stared at himself in the mirror the way Nick does.

Next, he proceeded to grab Nick's floss, pull out about 5 yards, and begin flossing. What dentist wouldn't delight in my toddler's dental dexterity?

Though there are no pictures to prove it, Jack then squeezed some handsoap onto his toothbrush and brushed away. Afterward, he finished up by getting his hands wet, running them through his hair, and spritzing some Candies cologne on his hair.

Satisfied, he smiled at himself in the mirror, hopped down and announced, "All done!"

Either Jack really loves his daddy or is going to be a personal hygiene freak. Should I take a poll?