Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Book List

This year, I am making a goal of at least 15 great books read by the end of the year. Here is my list:
Just because I'm a mommy of slobbering children doesn't mean I don't like to feel intelligent from time to time. I figure I should probably begin working on my list of unread classics.

One of the last Jane Austen novels I have yet to read. Sad, I know.

If you have not begun reading The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander MacCall Smith, run to your local library and get one! I laugh out loud in every chapter. It's hysterical! "The Full Cupboard of Life" is the next book in this favorite series of mine.
This one I can already check off -- woo-hoo! It was the first book I read in the new year and definitely recommended! A must-read for parents with a lick of common sense.
I'm excited for this one! Who doesn't dig Mexican Indians who can run hundreds of miles barefoot?
I've read many excerpts from this classic over the years, but never the full. It's pretty applicable to my life, wouldn't ya say?
Gulp. I remember the stage of life with Jack where discipline wasn't necessary -- it's called "Before Jude was Born." This one is DEFINITELY needed, and quick!

I'm reading this one right now! Very interesting so far. Did you know almost all NHL players are born in January, February or March?

What can I say, I love reading current events. This one promises to be interesting for sure!

I've heard this is amazing! This man was trapped in the Haiti earthquake rubble for days and used his iPhone apps to survive -- no joke.

So that's 10, folks. What other 5 should I tack on?