Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Biggest Fans

Today in the car, the country song "Who I Am" came on. The chorus goes:

I am Rosemary's granddaughter
The spitting image of my father
And when the day is done my mama's still my biggest fan

That got me to thinking....who is my biggest fan?

The first name to pop in my head was my Grandma Betty. As I grew and started participating in all sorts of activities, it always amused me to hear what Grandma had to say. She thought I was the most amazing piano player (it never occurred to me that she probably said that to my piano-playing brothers, too), the sweetest singer, the funniest comic, the smartest student, etc. When I began writing, I loved seeing the look on her face after I read her a story or paper. She always looked as if she'd just heard the utmost words of wisdom ever uttered. "Crys," she'd say (she is the ONLY HUMAN BEING ever to shorten my name), "that was amazing!"

As I grew and became more advanced in piano, I think my teacher, Mrs. Yost, might qualify for my biggest fan. Though I never realized how much she liked me until I began teaching myself and was somewhat terrified of her piano-teaching dictatorship, I loved being her student. She pushed, pushed, pushed me and I thrived. She taught me the meaning of the word "ambitious" at age 8 and told me there was nothing I couldn't do.

Then again, my mom would certainly be in the running for my biggest fan.

(A side note: My dad has always been my biggest MOTIVATOR. He always pushed me, whether he realized it or not, to be my best just by the sheer force of his personality. My goal in life has always been to please him first, and I definitely would not be where I am today without him. So I guess I would say he's been more like my coach, not necessarily my fan. Which, as we all know, is just as important, so thanks, Pops.)

Back to Mom --she was the first person to ever tell me I was a good writer after hearing a letter I wrote to my one of my 39 pen pals. She taught me to balance a check book in the 3rd grade, trusting I was capable. She made Shelbea my roommate when she was a baby and I was only 12, demonstrating a lot of faith in my ability to be a patient sister. She never laughed when I told her of many of my goals; she just smirked and said, "I'm sure you'll do it if you want to."

My friends Rochelle and Mel also jump to mind. They both have a super-supportive, cheerleader-type personalities to begin with, but they also both see the best in everyone. They are always telling me how great I am, even when I've been nothing but whiny and un-Christlike.

But how could I not mention my husband? He thinks I'm the greatest cook, the best housekeeper, the prettiest piano teacher, the cutest runner (even though I'm sure I look like a waddling duck), the most patient mother, the smartest housewife, and the list goes on. He listens to all my articles and worship songs and says how great every last one is. Even though I know that can't be true, it sure is nice to have such a hottie telling me how great I am every day.

One thing all my fans have in common: they love me dearly, but none of them are ever afraid to tell me when I'm wrong or when I need to shape up. I guess those are the best sort!

So tell me, who are your biggest fans?