Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kwaheri, Henry

One of the best parts about being an advocate with Compassion International is that I get to write to kids without paying for them. In other words, all of the fun without any of the monetary sacrifice (although I assure you, financially sponsoring our 2 kids is about 99 parts joy and only 1 part sacrifice!).

How does this genius program work? Simple. Some corporations and wealthy donors annually give big bucks to Compassion, enabling thousands of kids across the globe to receive free medical care, quality nutrition, an education and a chance to know Christ. But this small group obviously cannot personally write to said hordes. So that's where people like me come in. We get "correspondence kids," who for simplicity sake think we are their actual sponsors.

Enter Henry Omulama (seriously, try saying his name without giggling just a little). Henry is 22 and from Kenya. He is about to graduate from welding school and is quite excited about his future -- thanks to Compassion, his BRIGHT future.

Here is his final graduation letter to us, written in his best English.

"Dear Nickolas & Crystal Kupper,

Receive much greetings from me hoping that you're all doing fine in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm well in the Lord together with my family; God has kept us safe and alive in his name. We are now approaching the harvesting season.

I have been attending the project program still continue learning and getting more knowledge in becoming a responsible Christian adult who demonstrates Christ like character. I have also committed to attending the church in knowing God better.

I am working hard in school to excel in my studies and technical course of metal work. I'm in my final year of study and confident that I will pass my final examination and embrace my practical skills for a living.

I want to take this chance and opportunity to thank you so much for your support in sponsoring me throughout my studies and family life; economically equiping me and investing much in me to make me a successful person in the society. My family is grateful too for everything you have done to them through me. They pray for you to prosper together with your family. I will never forget about you, I will always pray for your prosperity; that God will give you more life and good health; that you may do good to others as you have done to me. I'm proud of you and grateful to Compassion in general.

Yours faithfully,
Son and Friend,

His words have been rolling around my mind for days. Henry is proud of us? For what? I have done nothing. I've performed a task -- writing letters -- that, for me, is just about as easy as breathing. And yet he will never forget about us.

Words come easily to me, and thankfully, I often get paid for them. But it was some simple paragraphs in an African welder's foreign tongue that just enriched my heavenly bank account more so than any fat book contract ever could.

Want to be equally blessed by a child? Head over to and learn about sponsorship. Maybe someday you too will be saying "kwaheri" (goodbye) to a child who gave you more than they ever cost.