Sunday, November 2, 2008

Corn Maze (In the Rain) Fun

But before I get to the corn maze, feast your eyes on my adorable son in his 1st Halloween glory. Aren't his little bat pajamas the cutest?

Last night, Nick and I decided to bundle up Jack and trample through a corn maze with some friends. We had to drive a ways to get there, and I drove right by the entrance the first time. Hey, when you're in the middle of nowhere, it's not hard to do. The big cornfield surrounded by sage brush kind of gave it away.

After going through a corn maze cut out in the shape of Idaho, complete with little signs telling about each major city (all 10), the boys scrambled up the haybale pyramid while Jennifer, Jack and I hopped in a trough filled with corn kernels. It had been raining the entire time, so we were kind of wet. It was the first time Jack has ever worn his raincoat that he's had since he was born. It doesn't rain a lot over here.

Despite the fact that we were all soaked, Jennifer still managed to look cute. Don't you hate girls like that? ;-)

Jack absolutely LOVED playing in the corn. He rarely plays with a toy on his own for more than 17 seconds, but he played quietly for a solid 20 minutes with all the little kernels. Which we are still finding all over the house, by the way.

Mitch joined us in the tub. He's 19 and like my little Mountain Home brother. He's going to college in Florida soon and I'm sad.

After some teasing from the farmer who owned the corn maze about being a city slicker, Nick hopped in to play with Jack. He has a a perfect smile all the time, which also kind of disgusts me. Notice how wet Nick's sweatshirt is?

Finally, here we all are in the tub. This is definitely a picture I never imagined would happen.