Sunday, September 21, 2008

Help me understand

All right, people. I need some help from you. In this election, I've heard from Christians who are voting for McCain. I know Christians who are voting for Obama. And I need genuine help understanding something.

Here's my conundrum: I have a professor from Northwest whom I love dearly. She is a fit, petite, Jazzercise-loving southerner who really changed my life when I was in Seattle. She is a liberal Democrat and she loves Jesus, and she's not afraid to boldy proclaim her radically different beliefs to anyone who will listen. She is a die-hard feminist and Bush-hater. She is single and likes it that way. She has a huge heart and challenged me and my writing, and I think I am a better person for knowing her.

The problem? I don't understand how she can rail against Sarah Palin and John McCain like she does. She says that if God triumphs, Obama will win. She says that Republicans don't practice what they preach, and Jesus reigns when Obama is up in the polls.

And it's not just her. I know women -- Christian women -- who love Obama. But I truly, genuinely want to know, how can they vote for someone who voted against a law giving aborted babies medical care when they're born alive? I'm not being sarcastic at all. I want to know, how can they vote for a man who questions the validity of certain books of the Bible, and mocks certain verses as not having relevance for today? How can they justify putting someone in office who sees no problem with meeting with terrorists? I don't get it.

Since only family reads this blog, does anyone have any ideas? I don't love McCain, but I truly want to hear from Christians who are voting for Obama and why. Do you guys have any input?